Middle Level Essentials

These resources are made available to you for the purpose of quick and easy dissemination of important information about middle level education. To view a document, click on the title. To return to this page, click the BACK button on your browser.

Essential Elements Information

Here are downloadable versions of information about the Essential Elements of Standards-Focused Middle Level Schools and Programs. Go to the Essential Elements wiki to contribute.

A set of three protocols have been developed to guide a school’s use of the Essential Elements of Standards-Focused Middle-Level Schools and Programs. Taken together, the three protocols represent a comprehensive set of tools and guidance for beginning and sustaining a system of continuous reflection and improvement based upon the research-based Essential Elements and their rubrics. Each protocol can be used independently of the others. Click here to read more and to access the protocols.

Regents Policy Statement

Here is a downloadable version of the Board of Regents policy statement on middle level education. It describes what middle level programs should be like. It is policy!


To support school districts and their schools with middle grades the SED has developed the Middle Level Indicators of Achievement Checklists.  These checklists of knowledge and skills assess the strengths and limitations of programs in the non-tested areas, to facilitate student achievement of the New York State Learning Standards. The SED recommends that administrators and instructional staff use the checklists to assess their instructional programs in the non-tested areas to determine strengths and alignment with the appropriate New York State Learning Standards.

  Middle Level Leadership

New York State Middle Level Regulatory Information

 Here is downloadable information about the current statewide initiative for middle level reform. Each piece represents one piece of the effort, more or less in chronological order.

NYSMSA Pamphlet Series

Each NYSMSA pamphlet is a succinct look at a particular dimension of the best practices in middle level education. They are easily reproducible and are meant to be shared. Permission for reproduction is granted as long as the individual pamphlet is reproduced in its entirety. Listed here is the series about each of the Essential Elements.  Click the first item in the list to view the complete pamphlet archive

Middle Level Odds and Ends

Other relevant items you might find helpful or interesting.

Middle-Level Indicators of Achievement Checklists