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FALL 2016
Highlighted article: Bullying, Imbalance of Power, & Cooperative Learning by Ed Daniels, D.A., NBCT 
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Other articles include:
Increasing Teacher-Student Contact Time: How to Find It and What to Do with It When You Do by Anthony Mignella
Scheduling 2.0: Creating a Student-Centered Master Schedule within Pre-Existing Confines by Thomas B. Reardon, Ed.D.
Identifying and Recognizing Exemplary Middle-Level Schools by Nance S. Wilson
A Chronicle of Kids by Ross M. Burkhardt
WINTER 2016 (complete issue)
Articles include:
Using Two Sides of the Coin: Using Risk Assessment to Promote a Growth Mindset, by Ron Klemp, Ed.D. Technology in the Classroom, by Russell B. Moore, Ph.D.
School Improvement Process: A Collaborative Process Using the Schools-to-Watch Rubric, by Ned Dale
A Simple Equation: Math Clubs Increase Math Practice, by Linda K. Schlosser & Betsy Balzano
Team Work: Inquiry Development Process for Sixth Grade Social Studies, by Kim Tinder & Kim Cristal
Spring 2015 IT Cover SPRING 2015 (complete issue)
Articles include:
What I Learned from Hawkeye Pierce
, by Jeannette Stern, Ed.D. 
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Using Interior Monologues to Foster Reading Comprehension through Empathetic Reading and Writing, by Ron Klemp, Ed.D.
Competition Encouraged in Middle School? Yes!, by Russell B. Moore, Ph.D.
High-Stakes Testing, the Common Core, & Words of Wisdom for Our Classrooms, by Rachel McLoud
Common Core and the Special Education Teacher, by Jennifer Abramovitch
Winter 2015 IT Cover WINTER 2015 (complete issue)
Articles include:
Essential Questions as an Instructional Tool, by Russell B. Moore, Ph.D.
Have We Lost Our Way?
by Dr. Valerie Kelsey
Mindfulness, Critical Thinking, and the “Quoteable” Connection for Middle Schoolers,
by Ron Kemp, Ed.D.
The Extent of Implementation of the Essential Elements of Standards-Focued Middle-Level Schools and Programs, by Jeff Craig, Ed.D.
Fall 2014 IT Cover FALL 2014 (complete issue)
Articles include:
Community Connection, by Brian Nolan
Reaching the Reluctant Writer, by Drew McEvoy
Set Sail for the High “C’s” in Your Planning and Activities, by Rick Heckendorn, Ed.D.
Book Talks into the Digital Age, by Pamela Rooney & Tracy Toth
LGBT Rights/Civil Rights in Middle School, by Jeff Moss
Spring 2014 IT Cover SPRING 2014  (complete issue)
Articles include:
Lessons in Character: Development & Implementation of a Three-Year Character Curriculum at Canandaigua MS, by Patrick Case
Learning and Bonding through Adventure, by Hailey Gorman & Jackelynn Giron
Asynchronous Class Time, by Jasper Fox Sr.
Simple Informational Essay Construction Schematic for Writing Intervention, by Ronald Klemp, Ed.D.
Middle-Level Foreign Language Study: Invaluable to the 21st Century Learner, by Kendal Kohlasch & Amy Watt
 ITv31n2 cover WINTER 2014 (complete issue)
Highlighted article: Why Our Middle School Has a Gay-Straight Alliance by Donald F. Gately

Other articles include:
The Importance of Meaningful Research in Middle School: An 8th Grade Inquiry-Based Research Project Focused on Night and the Holocaust Embedded with CCLS by Kate Arney & Ann Myers
From the Football Field to the Classroom: Lessons Learned from the Game by Jim Berti
Musings from a Working Administrator by Andrew Greene
Designing and Implementing a Middle School Assessment Calendar: A Tool to Support Data Literate Middle Schools by Chris Salinas, Ed.D
  FALL 2013 (complete issue)
Highlighted article: Horizons Broadened: A School Visitation in Madrid  by Rick Heckendorn, Ed.D.

Other articles include:
I Caught the Middle School Teacher Bug! The Value of Pre-Service College Students Attending the NYSMSA Conference by Carol Rossi-Fries
Board of Education and Administration: A Beautiful Chassis without Wheels (The Under-Estimated
Power and Necessity for Collaboration)
by Thomas B. Reardon, Ed.D.
Leaving the Comfort Zone: Embarking upon the RtI Journey by Julie Colombo
Should Children Really Be Expected to Have Grit? by Peter DeWitt, Ed.D.
  SPRING 2013 (complete issue) 
Highlighted article: A Visitor’s View of Middle Grades Education in the
United States of America
by Margaret Mulcahy

Other articles include:
Common Core in the Classroom:  The Essential Conflicts of the Revolutionary War by Monica
Kwiatkowski; A Jefferson Portrait and the Declaration of Independence by Denise Lacey-Corcoran & Jessica Stark; A Leveled Review of Eighth Grade Math Topics by Lori Vaylen
Ms. Whitesox, Middle School Math Teacher: Providing Evidence of Meeting the New NYS Teaching Standards by Alyssa Polito, Caitlin Rieger, & Dr. Paul Vermette
Why Would Anyone Want to Be a School Leader? by Peter DeWitt, Ed.D.
New York State’s Essential Elements: Schools-to-Watch® Program by Marybeth Casey & David A. Payton
  WINTER 2013 (complete issue) 
Highlighted article: Tools for Thoughtful Assessment: Making the Shifts that Lead to Higher Achievement by Harvey F. Silver, Ed.D.
Other articles include:
When a Teacher Quits by Peter DeWitt, Ed.D.
The Socratic Seminar, Technology, and the Common Core by Mary Howard
The Evolution of the Modern Middle School Philosophy and Model: Know Before You Cut by Jamie Cruikshank
Integrated Math Position Paper by Nassau & Suffolk County Principals’ Associations
  FALL 2012 (complete issue)
Highlighted article: The Opportunity Room: A General Education Program for Student Success by Jamie Cruikshank & Randy Burlingame.
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Other articles included:
The Career Fair: An Interdisciplinary Project by Vicki Leroux
Middle School Students Become Successful Readers Due to Technology by Rick Weinberg
Building Comprehension for Struggling Secondary Readers with a Quick Write Protocol by Ronald Klemp
  SPRING 2012 (complete issue)
EE:STW — An Educational Journey of Collaboration & Reflection by Melissa Brown and Lea MacDonald
Lost in Transition by Dominic Monacelli
Does Your School Have Broken Windows? by Jason Spector & Tom Murphy
Focusing a Critical Eye on Documentaries by Lisa Bryan & Janie Fitzgerald
The Crystal Chandelier: A Fable by David Karam
  WINTER 2012 (complete issue)
The Impact of New Secondary School Principals on School Climate by Dr. Mark Stratton.

The School Musical: Using the Stage to Save Music Programs in Our Schools by Erica Hernandez
Informational Brief: Impact of School Libraries on Student Achievement — Executive Summary by New York Comprehensive Center
Dignity in Adolescence: Finding Character through Curriculum by Timothy P. Martin, Ed.D. and Chad Walerstein
The Paperless Middle-Level Classroom: Using Free Technology to Erase Your Reliance on Paper by Dr. John A. Huss
Maintaining Character Education in the Midst of High Stakes Testing by Rebecca Burtra
The Grieving Process of a Student’s Death by Helen Mace

  FALL 2011 (complete issue)
We’re for Young Adolescents!
The Efficacy of Using Graphic Representation to Increase Reading Comprehension (feature article)
Horizons Broadened: A School Visitation in Madrid
In Praise of Firefighters: Art as Public Service
The Implementation of Middle School Concepts in a 7-12 Junior Senior High School
Looking Backward to Look Forward: Understanding Middle School Students
A Science Teacher’s Transition to Middle School: Creating an Exciting, Productive Classroom
NYS Teaching Standards and Essential Elements of Standards-Based Middle-Levle Schools and Programs.
  SPRING 2011 (complete issue)
May We Help You?
The Inequalities of Public Education
What’s the Real Story? New York State Is a High Educational Performer
Against the Odds: How One School Pressed for Academic Excellence (feature article)
Home & Career Skills; Aiding Math Retention with Spiral Review
Inquiry: Getting Students to Be Active Learners
What Is Your BULLYING Position — Zero Tolerance or Pro Action?
Teaching Self-Determination Skills to Middle School Students. 
  WINTER 2011 (complete issue)
Encouraging Students to Think While Reading Non-Fiction
Social Capital: A Closer Look at Building Middle-Level Networks of Power for Students and Teachers
Digging for Pre- and Post-Assessment Success
Cultivating Inquiry: Getting Students to Ask Questions
Fostering Literacy in and through Science
Minerva Middle School Highlights the Stars
Elimination of the Second Language Proficiency Examination: A NYSAFLT Update
An Abundant Harvest of Middle School Websites
The Op Ed Page Effective You.
  FALL 2010 (complete issue)
Travel the World without a Passport
Integrating Response to Intervention with School-Wide Behavior Support
Equal Justice under Law: A Student Mural for the Supreme Court Building in Mineola, New York
Constructivism and Media Literacy: A Simple (Yet Authentic) Approach to Teaching Media Literacy
Celebrating October as the Month of the Young Adolescent (MOYA)
Classroom Attention and Physical Movement of Students
Homework and Grading: Questioning the Zero Factor
Invitational Education and the Essential Elements of Middle-Level Schools.
  SPRING 2010 (complete issue)
Team Teaching
In the Middle of Crisis: A Look at the Problem with Educating Black Boys and How We Can Begin the Process of Solving It
Carving Out the Middle in a 7–12 Building
The Impact of the Middle Grades on High School Graduation Rates
Pioneer Middle School PBIS Leads to Steady Progress District-Wide
Franklinville Central Takes a New Approach to Technology Courses
Focusing Your Leadership Values
Preparing for Their Future: Students How Middle Grades Preservice Teachers Make Connections about Classroom Community from a Ropes Course.
  WINTER 2010 (complete issue)
Feature Articles: Does Collaborative Stargazing
REACH: An At-Risk Program for Middle Schools
Teaching Acceptance of Sexually Diverse Students and Parents
Ask the Kids: Students, Teachers and “Good” Teaching; Encourage Participation and Learning – Let Students Speak for Themselves
Music within Poetry ~ An Interdisciplinary Approach to Teaching Poetry
You Gave Them What? Using Mobile Learning Devices in the Classroom
Many Heads Are Better than One! Content Area Integration at the Middle School Level
An Educational Research Stagnation: How Three Separate (Yet Unified) Texts Re-Invigorated My Teaching and Learning.
  FALL 2009 (complete issue)
Writing to a Business/Organization
Teaching Struggling Learners: From the Perspective of a Struggling Learner
Success… What’s That?
Middle School the Mercy Way
Learning to Teach Young Adolescents
An Educator Visits a High School in Berlin, Germany: Some Pleasant Surprises!
A Chronicle of Kids
The Limitations of Grading Rubrics: Getting Caught between Assessment and a Number Game
Improving Pre-Service teacher preparation through brain-Based Teaching Models
Teach Your Children Well: Creating a Student-Centered Approach for teaching the 1960s
The “Dual Objective” Model for Cooperative Learning: Toward Affective AND Cognitive Gains in Middle School.
  SPRING 2009 (complete issue)
Feature Articles: Does Machiavelli Have Anything to Say to Teachers Today?
Using the Essential Elements to Raise Scores
Professional Learning: Do Experienced Teachers “Learn” from Their Work with Teacher Candidates?
Back to the Future;
Adolescence and Awareness in the Age of Obama: Seventh Graders Speak Out
Body Geometry; Are We So Connected That We’re Disconnected?
No Child Left Behind: No Child Pushed Ahead
Forward to the Basics
Just Ask: Involving Family and the Community in the Classroom.

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