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Middle Level Liaison Resource Page

Spring 2022

2022 05 Liaisons.jpeg

Science Assessment Updates

-Nancy Viall and Megan Kinmarten, OSA

NYS Certification Updates

-Laura Glass, Senior Policy Advisor for Higher Education, Office of Higher Education

Sweethearts and Heroes

NYS Museum Educator Page


NY Museum CTLE Credit Videos


NYS Museum videos for class


Consider the Source NYS Archives Educator Page

Science Update

-Nicole Marchilok, Assoc, in Instructional Services NYSED

Spring 2020


Civic Readiness

-Christy Radez, Lead Facilitator of the Civic Readiness Initiative, NYSED


Middle Level CTE: Application in the Field

-Brian Reeve, Principal, Greenville MS

NYS K-12 Computer Science and Digital Fluency Learning Standards

-Shannon Logan, Coordinator, Technology Policy NYSED

Liaisons March 2020.jpg

Building A School Culture of Respect

-Don Gately, Jericho MS Principal

Winter 2019


APPR Update December 2019

-Alexander Trikalinos, Office of Educator Quality and Professional Development, NYSED


National Forum to Accelerate Middle Grades Reform Updates

-Dr. David Payton, National Forum Executive Board and member of NYS Middle Level Hall of Fame


NYS ESSA Accountability

-Dr. Shibu Joseph, Associate in Education Research, NYSED


Physical Education Update

-Darryl Daily, Office of Curriculum and Instruction, NYSED


What Do You Meme? SEL Activity for Staff

-Winton Buddington, Principal, Bay Trail MS, Penfield NY

Fall 2017 Meeting

December 2017


  • Meeting Notes (Word)

  • Changes to the Middle Level Unit of Study Requirements for CTE (Slides)

  • Beekmantown CSD Presentation on One to One Devices (Slides)

  • Arts Standards Update (PDF)

  • Ira Schwartz Update on ESSA (PDF)

  • Erik Sweet ELA Standards Presentation​ (PDF)

Fall 2016 Meeting

November 17-18, 2016



  • Meeting Notes

  • Computer-Based Testing and Scoring (Slides)

  • Oceanside Middle School  Interdisciplinary Projects for Exploratory Areas (Video)

Spring 2017 Meeting

March 9-10, 2017




Spring 2016 Meeting 

March 17-18, 2016




As representatives of statewide middle level education, our purpose is to advocate for middle level needs, inform SED about ML issues, and collaborate with SED on matters that impact Middle Level Education. 


Interested in becoming a Middle Level Liaison?


Send an email to: to be added to the list to receive registration materials and meeting agendas when they are distributed.

Become a Liaison


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