Essential Element 6 – Support


A network of academic and personal support available for all students.


Every young adolescent needs access to a system that supports both academic achievement and personal development.


Middle-level students need academic and personal support as they experience the changes associated with the transition from childhood to adolescence and from elementary school to high school.


Academic and personal support includes:


6.1       Adults and older youths to provide positive role models and constant affirmation and recognition.

6.2       Respect and caring to engender a feeling of self-worth, self-confidence, and personal efficacy.

6.3       Opportunities to examine, explore, discuss, and understand the changes associated with early adolescence.

6.4       Counseling and guidance services to assist students and their families in making life, career, and educational choices.

6.5       A system of two-way communication between the school and the parents and families of its students.

6.6       A process for informing parents, families, and community groups of the essential role they play in ensuring students attend school and access available services, in expandingand enhancing venues for significant learning, in promoting youth development, and in supporting positive school change.

6.7       A network of trained professionals, special programs, and community resources available to assist those who have extraordinary needs and require additional services to cope with the changes of early adolescence and/or the academic demands of middle-level education.  Schools need to collaborate and cooperate with other human service agencies in the community.

6.8       An adult mentor in addition to a guidance counselor, either formally through a teacher/student, advisor/advisee program or informally through a school culture of caring in which teachers or other adults assume responsibility for individual students.

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